Revolver cups

Located in the Gastown neighbourhood of Vancouver, Revolver Coffee is a cafe focused on sourcing the finest quality beans from roasters around the world and providing a top quality coffee experience for its guests. Since opening in 2011, the cafe has enjoyed considerable success and have steadily expanded their offerings including opening an annex location, called Archive, in the adjoining space on Cambie Street. Revolver is frequently referenced as one of Vancouver’s premier coffee shops.

Our engagement with Revolver began long before opening day, where we worked closely with their team to develop the visual identity, menus, signage, print collateral and other materials required for the launch of the brand. In the years since opening, we’ve continued providing services and expanding the brand with the design of packaging, apparel, shopping bags, cups and the identity of the annex location, Archive by Revolver.


Creative Direction

Visual Identity

Print Design




Creative Direction: Alex Nelson, Beau House

Interior design: Ste Marie

Interior photography: Grady Mitchell, Lucas Finlay

Revolver window
Logo and mark
In store menu
Revolver cafe door mark
Brand sheet
interior with shopping bags
Coffee shirt
Travel mugs
Coffee tamp logo
Revolver CoffeeIdentity

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